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Trainer: Miss Jo Crowley

Trainer's horses

Amerthyst (GB) Art Market (CAN) Auld Arty (FR) Bambika (GB)
Basra (IRE) Captain Starlight (IRE) Champagne Fizz (IRE) Comadoir (IRE)
Crown (IRE) Deorai (IRE) Destiny Of Dreams (GB) Dream Ruler (GB)
Dressed In Lace (GB) Dubarshi (GB) Ebony Song (USA) Emperor Julius (IRE)
Everybody Knows (GB) Exceedingly Bold (GB) Flying Cherry (IRE) Hostile Takeover (IRE)
Ivory's Icon (IRE) Jazacosta (USA) Kalokagathia (IRE) Lady Tabitha (IRE)
Lend A Grand (IRE) Madame Scarlett (IRE) Mandianna (IRE) Music Man (IRE)
Mystical Sapphire (GB) Patavium Prince (IRE) Perrydot (IRE) Princess Icicle (GB)
Princess Maya (GB) Regal Art (GB) Rosarina (GB) Roshina (IRE)
Running Mate (IRE) Sakhee's Pearl (GB) Sea Whisper (GB) Seamour (IRE)
Shamir (GB) Shannon Falls (FR) Shelagh (IRE) Sondray (GB)
Sweet Marwell (IRE) The Holyman (IRE) Thrasos (IRE) Tick Tock Lover (GB)
Trifti (GB) Wilfred Pickles (IRE)

Past engagements

Date Time Course Horse Race name
26 Jul 2014 19:00 Lingfield Emperor Julius (IRE) Mark's 'Final Furlong' Handicap
24 Jul 2014 19:05 Lingfield Sweet Marwell (IRE) 32Red Casino Maiden Handicap
21 Jul 2014 18:55 Windsor Seamour (IRE) Betdaq 25 No Lose Free Bet Maiden Stakes
08 Jul 2014 15:15 Lingfield The Holyman (IRE) 32Red Casino Handicap
25 Jun 2014 18:10 Bath Wilfred Pickles (IRE) Premier Conservatory Roofs Guardian Warm Roof Handicap
24 Jun 2014 20:00 Newbury Dream Big (IRE) Jung Pumpen & Pump Technology Handicap (Rnd)
23 Jun 2014 17:00 Lingfield Sweet Marwell (IRE) Racing Specials At Handicap
21 Jun 2014 20:35 Lingfield The Holyman (IRE) Bet Now At Handicap (AWT)
14 Jun 2014 18:35 Lingfield Thrasos (IRE) Samworth Brothers Handicap
12 Jun 2014 17:05 Newbury Dream Big (IRE) Insure Wiser Handicap

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